Saturday, 16 May 2009

a new zine!

Yes, It's true. This is to be the page for


a new e-zine I've created (K=O=L=L=A=P=S isn't dead, merely sleeping while I wait for the cover image/visual poem to be posted to me.) this blog will hopefully feature Poetry ( of all kinds, or at least the types that can fit into a PDF, such as visual and linier poetry. essays and articles are also welcome. The magazine will primarily be in PDF form as I say and published using scribd, to be posted on this specially created blog. those people I send mail-art to may receive a limited edition print copy. The occational interview with a poet may be included if i can wrangle on through the wonders of e-mail. This will be a fully illustrated(though low budget zine) dedicated to promoting the innovative contemporary poetry. so let me know if you want to submit any stuff!


  1. hello mike,
    yes, to send some visuals for WURM.
    may have seen my things in otoliths,
    fhole/fmachinery &others.
    i like black/white but also work in colours.
    where do i send it, what is yr e-mail address?
    good luck w/this work.
    from underground, carlyle baker.

  2. do you have a blog/site that I could find your e-mail on, so that I could e-mail you?

  3. Hi!
    I wanted to know do you also publish PDF chapbooks of individual poets/artists? I have a visual poetry series that I would love to submit if you do.

    Sarah Ahmad.